Catamaran Skipper training


In a very short time, the skipper training course will enable you to become a reliable Catamaran skipper.

The training can take place in a single week or over two weekends, depending on the availability of participants.

 There are sailing terms to learn and use in practice while we sail out to coastal waters of Croatia.

You will learn

Introduction to equipment and sailboat systems,Sailing in and out of the port/marina on Catamaran, Catamaran maneuvering/docking,Anchoring – choosing the right position and performing anchoring, Bow/stern, port and starboard side berthing,Avoiding collisions, navigation, and more!

Age: for all adults (16-18 years with the signature of a parent or guardian)

Prerequisites: Ready to have fun in safe learning environment !

Min. Requirements: swimming skills and willingness to exercise

Acquired skills: the basics of steering, handling sails, participation in all the work on the boat. You will learn how to feel comfortable around the equipment and familiarize yourself with the basics of sailing

Accommodation: Maritime zone: Punat  Island of Krk,North Adriatic

Daily schedule:

08:30 – introduction to the program

10:15 – departure

13:00 – Lunch break (anchoring)

14:00 – navigation

17:00 – return to the marina and reorganizing  ship


Most of our students are able to pass the practical skill requirements during course time.

Some students, however, require an additional Review Course or two before they are ready to challenge the Practical Checkout.

Those with previous boating experience can pick up the fundamentals more quickly than those without previous experience.

Topics covered:
  • Sailing Theory
  • Introduction to equipment and sailboat systems
  • Sailing in and out of the port/marina on Catamaran
  • Catamaran maneuvering/docking
  • Anchoring – choosing the right position and performing anchoring
  • Safety at sea and ship
  • Port / Starboard side.
  • Wind ward / lee ward side
  • Why the boat is going forward (Bernoulli’s law)
  • Safety Gear
  • Points of Sailing
  • Knots
  • Tacking & Jibing
  • Crew Responsibilities
  • Helmsmanship & Commands
  • Getting Underway & Making Sail
  • Sail Trimming
  • Securing the Boat
  • Nautical Terminology
  • Finding & Reading the Wind Direction
  • Mechanics of Rig & Sail
  • Reefing
  • Preventing Collisions at Sea
  • Navigation Rules

Pricing :

Sailing Course Pricing  and options

Catamaran Training   4 day


  • Accommodation: on a sailboat, twin cabin
  • Included in the price:: accommodation, instructor, fuel, berth, tourist tax

NOTICE: Due to the current situation regarding COVID-19 courses and cruises are organized according to epidemiological standards. Unfortunately, that impact to our prices. All participants are accommodated in separate cabins (1 person in a twin cabin). Accommodation in pairs is possible at your own request.


We can organize sailing courses and all other forms of sailing from our offer over several days or weekends, depending on your availability.

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Catamaran Skipper Training
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