Learn to sail holiday

Learn to sail holiday in Croatia !

We offer a wide range of tailor made family sailing holiday packages and Learn to Sail Holidays for new and inexperienced families.

Our team helped hundreds of beginners get to grips with yacht sailing every year, and more importantly to really enjoy it in a holiday atmosphere.

Experience the perfect Sailing destination, Crystal clear waters of Adriatic Sea !!

Family sailing holidays are a perfect holiday for young children, teenagers and parents alike. Each family member can choose whether they want to play an active part in sailing or equally do nothing at all and relax on the bow of the boat while reading a good book.

Once in port or at anchor the more active family members can explore the new surroundings on land or by snorkeling around the boat while the rest of the family can either relax on the boat or at a local bar reading another book!

The Adriatic coast of Croatia also known as ‘The Coast of A Thousand Islands’ is one of the most attractive sailing destinations in the world.

This sailing destination offers a fantastic climate, rich cultural heritage, fresh Mediterranean cuisine,, friendly people and superb sailing.

Sailing experience is not required !

You will explore Croatia while sailing, swimming and snorkeling, or you can just relax on our sundeck with your favorite drink A luxurious, well-appointed charter yacht offers the discerning traveler a holiday that is guaranteed to satisfy in every respect.

Your skipper acts as a valuable advisory source and can guide you to some of the area’s lesser-known treasures.

Fun and exciting

Sailing your own yacht provides fun, excitement and challenges to wake up your senses and make you feel alive. There’s always time for a swim off your yacht or a walk to a market or cliff-top view. Every day is different and every day there are magic moments – an exhilarating reach under full sail, dolphins next to your yacht,

Entertaining and educational

Children, especially teenagers, love sailing holidays. There’s so much going on afloat and ashore – it’s such an adventure and no time to get bored! There’s plenty they can join in as crew – plotting the course, weighing anchor, setting the sails.

Croatia Sailing Center provides range of internationally recognized sailing certificates. Let us know if you want to learn basic skills or if you prefer to attend sailing program.


Your yacht provides self-contained accommodation with plenty of cabins for everyone. Every night you’ll be in the best harbourside location or in your own secluded anchorage – a different place to discover every day. It’s the ultimate multi-centre holiday without all the packing and unpacking!

All the yachts have a fridge and cooker onboard and self-catering for breakfast, lunch and snacks helps keep the costs down, especially if you have hungry kids onboard.

• Independent yacht charters for families
• Family and friends holiday trips
• Yacht models to accommodate extended family and friends with their own bathroom and cabins
• A range of yachts to create your own mini flotilla where each family is onboard its own yacht
• Onboard activities (map-reading, navigation, tying knots, route planning, anchoring, adjusting sails) to keep everybody occupied and doing things together if they feel like it
• No need to budget for entertainment since every day is a fun packed day on a yacht
• Fully equipped onboard catering facilities so you don’t have to eat out unless you want to. This makes the cost of onboard food, drinks and snacks a fraction of what you usually spend on summer holidays
• A different Island every day without needing to pack your bag or wait for ferries
• Bed linen, face and shower towels so you can pack less
• Cabins with wardrobe and shelving to stow luggage and make everybody feel at home
• Harbours and marinas close to airports that are one bus or a car ride to the yacht

Let us know when would you like to sail , starting port, how many people and we will email you our offer with pricing details.

Do not miss on a great holiday !

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