What part of Croatian Adriatic Coast Should you Visit ?

If you never being to Croatia and have questions like ;
We are looking to spend 1 week in Croatia , definitely want to  see a major city, but  also want a beach holiday with warm weather not sure where to start/end up and if its even possibly to do in a week ,what part of Croatia Should i Visit ?
To make it easier  for you to plan we created a list of  different areas of  of Croatian Adriatic coast  to help you decide which one should you visit.
Are you more into :

  • Historical Tours
  • Island hopping
  • Adventure
  • Trendy place want to be seeing ?

Here  are few suggestions :

What part of Croatian Adriatic Sea should you visit ?
Adriatic Coast of Croatia is divided in 3  parts.


Istria peninsula (Croatian equivalent of Italian Tuscany or French Provencal regions )is most northern region of Croatian Adriatic Sea. Is proximity to Italy and large Italian minority reflects in Italian influence in their Gastronomy and Arhitecture If you are interested in gastro experience then Istra is the place for you. Istria peninsula is a home to top restaurants in Croatia and is a leading Wine region. Must see places: Pula amfitietar – Second most preserve roman amphitheater, Rovinj – Beautiful  city in Istria ,Brioni Archipelago Beautiful set of island also inspiration for exclusive  Brioni Clothing line, UNESCO preserved The Euphrasian Basilica in Poreč.


Kvarner region is a birthplace of Croatian Travel industry going back 100 years ago. It was a vacation spot form notables in 19 Century. This is a very diversified place where you have beautiful islands and also lesser know tourist destination of great forest Gorski Kotar. Must see places: Opatija –Birthplace of Croatian Travel industry   during the Era of Austro Hungarian Imper place was frequently  visited by many historical figures Cres less know Island of Croatia famous for Janjetina ( Lamb chops) Island of Pag –Famous party destination of Zrće ( Croatia Ibiza ) also know for Paški sir (Ches made from sheep milk ) Mali Lošinj – Home to Mediterranean Dolphins Reservation Island of Rab – birthplace of republic of San Marino also place where naturism started . Island of Krk –Biggest Croatian island , home to Croatian Historical Monuments (Bašćanka Ploča)


Northern Dalmatia is a mixture of historic towns, jewel-like waters, rugged mountains, sun-kissed islands, gorgeous climate and Mediterranean cuisine, this region is a holidaymakers paradise. Travelers on sailing vacation in Croatia can sail between underpopulated islands without a shred of development, The Mediterranean of old, while hikers can wander lonely trails in near by Lika ,Velebit region. Northern Dalmatian most popular and biggest city is Zadar with museums, Roman ruins, restaurants and hip bars. If you are into the Clubbing and partying do not miss Tisno and its Music Garden festival . Must see things Kornati Archipelago, National Park Plitvice , National park Paklenica , Famous Zadar Sea Organ , National park Krka .City’s Zadar and Šibenik


This area, known locally as Splitsko-Dalmatinska, extends from Trogir to Ploce in the southeast on the mainland. It also covers the islands of Solta, Brac famous for its marble stones and wines , Hvar  Croatian jet set headquarter and Island of  Vis. This is one of the most popular tourist areas on the Croatian coast. This is the most typical Mediterranean area of Croatia. Great Seafood, Historical sites such us Diocletian, Roman emperors palace. Mild climate and raw beauty. It is precisely that combination of wild raw beauty that makes central Dalmatia stand out from its northern Dalmatia. This is a perfect want to be seen part of Sailing Experience in Croatia.If you like to party this is where famous Ultra party festival takes place  Places to see City of Split with world famous Deoclecian Palace. UNESCO protected city of Trogir, Island of Hvar , Jet set island of choice, Island Vis ;Lastovo ,Šolta Brač with its famous White stone churches and unique beach in the city of Bol .


South Dalmatia is situated south of the Neretva River, it includes the peninsula Pelješac the wine regions where the most famous Croatian winery is located  Grgich Hills , Dubrovnik area, and ends at the border with Montenegro. This is the narrowest and the smallest part of Dalmatia, but one of the most important tourist and cultural parts of Croatian. The most common association of southern Dalmatia is Dubrovnik. The city has been included in UNESCO’s world heritage, the subject of several international travel magazines and television shows like popular  Game of Thrones where it was used as a Kings landing . The city is well known destination of the world jet-setters. Southern Dalmatia is also an important Wine region of Croatia and birthplace of world famous red zinfandel wine. This is a place where Marco Polo Was born and place where you can try ( Trust us on this) The best oysters on the planet ! in Malo Ston bay conformed by Food Chanel and its chef Tony Bourdain .

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